Welcome to Chapter 2 of Clique Refresh! If you are coming here for the first time, maybe head over to the first comic and read from the beginning. Maybe that would be a good thing to do. If you’re a continued reader then just know I love you. I wish I could pet you while you read the comic and then we could talk about games and growing up and all of those wonderfully horrible things about coming of age.

Chapter 2, like all chapters will, starts from the point of view of our pal Ellie. Last chapter had a lot of comics that took place in the video game, Ether Ruin, but after that streak, I am excited for a nice break.  Time to show off some real world problems and experiences. After doing Cardigan Weather, I have to say my bread and butter is this kind of experience driven story. Not every page ends with a laugh nor does it end with a soul crushing disappointment, but my hope is through Ellie, we are able to experience something together. People often ask if I miss doing journal comics, and I do! Luckily, Clique Refresh lends itself to letting me take my own experiences, and strip away a lot of my personal baggage attached to it. It’s surreal to see people reacting to something Ellie went through, and then still feel as though it applies to me.

I look forward to showing off more of the title plot, and taking brief breaks into the game world now and then. Thank you so much for your support through the first Chapter and 7 months of Clique Refresh!

Stay tuned~