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A ballad to friendship, a love letter to the Internet; Clique Refresh tells the story of Ellie Cleary and her intense desire to “grow up.” She is determined to show everyone around her she is independent, that she can take on anything all on her own. The only problem is she really, really can’t stand on her own yet and she hates to admit when she’s wrong. Lucky for Ellie, she has a group of intensely loyal friends that would support her through any storm. What is special about Ellie’s friends, is that they’ve never met in person. Not even once. No. I’m serious, they haven’t met. Through video chats, e-mail threads, and the group’s obsession with a strange new game called Ether Ruin, Ellie experiences friendship in a way unique to our generation.


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    Our heroine. Ellie Cleary is determined to grow up and be a real adult. Her aspirations include; being independent, having a career, maintaining a romantic relationship, and getting her Guild to #1 on the server. She wants all of it "right now" and doesn't realize just how hard she needs to work.

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    Ellie's pet. He enjoys stealing objects and stashing them. This is especially fun when you're late for work and you can't find your dang keys and then you realize they are stuck up inside the couch and you have to cut it open to get them back out and then your dad gets mad.

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    About the Artist

    This is Amy T. Falcone. She drew and wrote all of this Clique Refresh stuff. She also appeared on Strip Search, and worked on two previous comics; Cardigan Weather & Citation Needed. Check out her blog for more drawstuffs (


    About the Colorist

    Mary Cagle is a comic artist and colorist, currently working as an English teacher in Japan! She draws the webcomic Kiwi Blitz ( and posts journal comics about her teaching experiences to her tumblr (